Open Senses Festival

Bring London to its senses.

A weekend festival of art exhibitions, live events and performances, sensory journeys and walks, open studios and labs, and a ground-breaking symposium. 16-18th May 2017. Vetyver are organising two events and one project for the Festival - see details below. We need participants and sponsors. Please email us on to get involved and get more information. 

Sensing London Sensory Art Exhibition 

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The Exhibition

In making us consider each one of the senses, the exhibition offers new perspectives on a familiar environment inviting even locals to view a space with 'new eyes'. Sensing London is an exercise in listening, in the widest sense. Of noticing what is around us. Be this the architecture, the history or the mark the community has left on an area. Sensing London will allow us to see deeper and to explore the limitations we place on ourselves in our understanding of the world. 

We need a Lead Sponsor for the exhibition and offers a a wide ranging arts, science and tech audience in London with worldwide interest.

The exhibition will be part of Open Senses in May 2017; a weekend festival of sensorial art exhibitions, live events and performances, sensory journeys and walks, open studios and labs, and a ground-breaking symposium.  View this PDF for more info on the exhibition and festival. 

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We are delighted to announce we are running a Sensory Hackathon in May 2017 as part of Open Senses Festival.  

The Sensory Hackathon aims to stimulate top London creative cross-disciplinary agencies, unleashing their creativity in a different way, in response to a sensory specific brief. We want to raise awareness of the power of sensory design, encourage agencies and brands to consider sensory experiences and impairments and raise money for a charity. It offers the opportunity to showcase creative talent and bringing the creative community together. The half day event will culminate with a prize giving and awards ceremony. The prize? A project commissioned by the lead brand sponsor.

We live in a visually dominated culture which encourages visual prejudice /  the idea that sight is only controlled by the eye / and the ideology that the rest of the body is less important than your eyes. We are challenging creatives to use their imagination to conceive of solutions which incorporate a multi-sensory approach.

Vetyver will lead the challenge and support the lead brand sponsor, rally the judges, work with a chosen charity and work with the agencies.  

We are currently looking for brands, agencies and sensory charities to partner with in this event so if you would like any more information on the event, or how you can get involved, please email

Open Senses is a pan-London festival exploring, challenging and promoting the senses, next Spring. Partners include the National Gallery, Wallace Collection, Royal Academy, Roundhouse, Rich Mix, Nesta, Guy's Hospital, Bittersuit, Courthauld, Oxford, Roehampton and LSE universities, Sencity, and of course, Vetyver. For more info email

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What is the relationship between traditional maps, digital navigation and our physical experience of the world? The fourth industrial revolution heralds the connection between the physical and digital worlds and we believe the senses hold the key to this connection. We want to explore the boundaries of the two worlds with a Sensory Navigation project: a method and community interested in furthering social development, human experience, social understanding, urban development and navigation to include the human sensory experience.

We are looking for partners and sponsors, for more information and a copy of our Call to Action please email