As part of our Vetyver Voices campaign exploring the impact of voice in our relationships, decisions and performance, we are inviting you to record your own voice and add it to our library. All you need to do is open up Voice Memos on your phone and record your own voice reading the Duo Lipa lyrics below. Click on the recording and forward it to It makes the library and the experiment more interesting when we know a bit about the person behind the voice, so if you are happy to, please summarise and include a bit about your demographic profile (ie single white french female middle class gen x atheist professional). All recordings and information will be treated confidentially and anonymously. 

To test what assumptions you make every time you hear a voice, listen to the VetyverVoices library and answer the questions. Email Claire if you'd like to find out more about our Unconscious Bias workshops and surveys. 

Maybe one day I can see you. We can smile and wave and it will be OK.
— No Goodbyes DUA LIPA