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A really lovely project. Insightful, inspiring and intelligent in approach, joyfuy in its execution. Oh and two opposing opinions: It's Nice That being, well, nice and The Guardian being scathing

TATE sensorium

Great to finally see Sensory Experience being recognised in the form of an Arts award. We can't wait until it becomes mainstream and doesn't need special recognition.

Long lost tradition?

On two flights last week it occurred to us that the absence of the once-great tradition of handing out sweets on landing and take-off is a not only a loss to flyers, but also a missed opportunity to airlines. Iconic confectionary which becomes part of the ritual of flying with a specific carrier that can be enjoyed on the plane and taken home could be a lovely way of enhancing experience and increasing the reach of your brand. A stick of rock for British Airways, Life Savers for American Airlines? Perhaps not: "Attendants prepare for take-off, LifeSavers anyone?"!

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Hotel Costes: Living the dream

What is a sensory brand? Hotel Costes. Starting with an interiors brief of 'all things in excess', and adding music, art, gastronomy, flowers, scent and live performance, Hotel Costes delivers sensual opulence at every turn. From developing 6 signature scents, a full range of candles and beauty products on sale; the most heavenly Rose Shop; Fragrance Boutique; PalaceScope gallery; to their online radio station, selling your own compilations and albums and then of course the bars and restuarant. Truly a hotel appealing to all senses, building an incredible brand and opening plenty of new revenue streams as well. Hotel Costes, we salute you. 

Signature scents by Hotel Costes

Signature scents by Hotel Costes

The label left behind

We are loving this sculpture by artist Zebedee Helm. It was discovered when hunting for images of Imperial Leather, half used with the label sticking up. It takes me straight back to my Grandad's bathroom, an electric wall heater and the aroma of Brylcream. The special column created by the refusal of the label to disappear is a unique experiential differentiator and we hope they never do anything daft like get rid of it because it wastes soap or doesn't feel very nice. 

We think Imperial Leather should be buying the sculpture and offering it as a competition prize and commissioning other work of this nature to celebrate their point of difference. I suspect they would find a whole community of unknown trad soap fanatics.

Imperial Leather scuplture made out of (wait for it) Bath Stone, by Zebedee Helm. 

Imperial Leather scuplture made out of (wait for it) Bath Stone, by Zebedee Helm.