Shake the bottle wake the drink

When Mr Beton wanted to breathe life back into Orangina after a break in production in 1951, he not only chose a distinctive bulbous bottle with pitted glass reminiscent of an orange, but he added some of the pulp back into the drink. The fact that it settled to the bottom of the bottle could been a deal breaker, but instead it inspired a campaign which secured a permanent place in our memories and hearts. He gave personality and life to the drink (it's something you can wake up); a sense of both product and place with its distinctive 'parasol' of orange rind against a bright blue sky inspired by the south of France; a melodic vocal sonic mnemonic; a distinctive action; a brilliant copy line and tone of voice; a tactile and unique bottle harking back to fruit at the heart of the brand; and of course the pulpy drink giving the taste of authenticity and originality. All the senses: tick. Genius.

He died this week. The mayor of Marseilles, home of Orangina production, described him as a "genius inventor who was in the avant garde of advertising and marketing", we agree.