How Does your brand Feel?

Make brand experiences more memorable and seductive by marrying branding expertise with sensory design. Sensory design is powerful, it goes straight to the heart. Unleash the power of sound, smell, taste, touch, words, and experience to create multi-sensory brands, experiences and events.

Engaging the senses appeals directly to our emotions and memories, creating stronger connections. But it has to be right for the brand. We embark on every adventure with the brand at heart, and our extensive brand knowledge ensures every experience is unmistakably distinctive.

As pioneers, our approach is creative, strategic, evidential and experimental. We work with brands to define how they feel and how they should be experienced through strategy, creative approach and guidelines (tone of voice, olfactory, sonic, gastronomic).

Then we design for all the senses (for instance music and audio for ads and digital, sonic mnemonics, funational sounds for devices/apps/games, scripts, signature scents, ambient scent, signature food, product development, sensoriums, inter-sensory experiences and multi-sensory events).

As well as working directly with brands, we also love working with agencies, adding an extra dimension to their work.


our team

Claire Sokell Thompson, Founder & Sensory Specialist

Claire developed her earlier career in corporate and niche branding and design and her work in strategic and creative direction has spanned most sectors. Driven by her passionate belief that it's not how a brand looks, it's how it feels, she specialised in less conventional areas of branding such as sonic, naming, tone of voice, cultural, digital, customer journeys and brand experiences and more recently in the development of scents. This final foray into the universe of smell inspired the launch of Vetyver.

Jo Barratt, Sensory & Project Management

Jo is a cross-disciplinary project manager and creative producer specialising in multi-sensory design. His background is in graphic design and branding and he has also worked as a radio journalist and producer of features and documentaries. He has an interest in technology and communication and has managed projects in this areas focussing on data and open data. Jo has also worked with brands and performers to bring an awareness of the sense of smell to what they do, particularly in the music industry, resulting in scented events, performances and exhibition design.

Lisa Lamb, Sonic & Written Word

A pioneer in the field of sonic branding, Lisa has been creating audio strategy and content for leading brands since 2000.  After a successful first career as a songwriter and pop star, Lisa created and directed the sonic branding arm of Interbrand and subsequently went on to found her own international audio branding consultancy. She specialises in tone of voice and is currently writing her first novel.

Alice Cicolini, Curator And Designer

Alice is a jewellery designer, creative commissioner, and curator and a published author and writes regularly on design and forecasting. As the Director of Arts & Culture for the British Council in India, she led a programme spanning design, visual arts, music, literature, film and theatre. As the global fashion curator for the British Council in London, she worked with Westwood, Chalayan, McQueen, Oswald Boateng and a host of designers whose work defined one of the most vivid eras for British fashion. Her recent work as a consultant and curator (for clients as diverse as the London Design Festival, Louis Vuitton, Ratan Tata Trust, Experimenta, Guys & St Thomas’s Trust, TFL, Qatari Diar and Hutchison Whampoa), has ignited her interest in the role the senses can play in bringing curatorial narrative to life. 

Sam Bond, performance & Gastronomy

Sam has worked in the corporate sector for a variety of clients over the last 18 years creating, designing and facilitating large scale events through to workshops and one to one coaching sessions on presentation, impact, facilitation and leadership amongst other training needs. His background in theatre and performance brings a unique aspect to brand exerience and bringing brands to life. He is a trained chef, food fanatic and has used gastronomy for the last 10 years as part of his work. 

Mark H Geary, Experience, Sonic & Gastronomic

As an experience designer and producer, Mark is driven by a deep curiosity in how art can engender powerful experiences. Having trained and worked as a chef for over 10 years, his interest shifted from cooking to an investigation of the eating experience as a medium for informing deeper abstract concepts, as well as flavour. The sonic environment for him is a key area of focus because it can completely immerse and shape an experience and for Mark the interplay between physical and virtual worlds is essential to modern day experiences. 

our little black book

Over the years we have been lucky enough to work with many talented individuals across a diverse array of fields and they represent our extended team. It includes the best in film, PR, architecture, art, personal shopping, engineering, IT, music, composition, writing, rights management, performance, academia, research, photography, illustration, publishing, packaging, interiors, architecture, art direction, journalism, nutrition and taste, events, hospitality, fashion and jewellery design, retail, health and beauty, theatre, product design, innovation, behavioural psychology, curation, training, commercial partnerships, sponsorship and CSR.